The main purpose of our school is to support, supplement, and cooperate with the parents in training their children through an educational program of academic excellence based on Biblical principles.

The secondary purpose of our school is to provide training for children from non-Christian homes through an educational program of academic excellence based on Biblical principles (Deuteronomy 31:11-13).  We realize that, while our basic premise is focused on assisting Christian parents in training and educating their children, our school has the God-given responsibility for evangelization (Matthew 28:19-20).

The Biblical principles require that the training offered focus on shaping all the basic aspects of a student’s whole being.  Specifically, our goal for the student is that they would mature in the following areas:

Mentally – to acquire sufficient knowledge for living and to develop their mind to its fullest potential.
Spiritually – to develop a God-centered view of life by integrating Biblical truth with academic learning so that their faith and practice are Christ-honoring; to develop leadership potential in each student; and to provide stimulating opportunities for continual spiritual growth.
Morally – to develop knowledge and discernment of right and wrong according to the Scripture so that personal convictions may be developed and lived out.
Physically – to be trained in the areas of physical fitness and proper stewardship of the body.
Socially – to develop positive friendships and learn to properly relate to others and be sensitive to their needs.
Emotionally – to be trained in developing appropriate emotional expression and a balanced response to life’s situations.